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What are Сookies?

Cookies are small text files sent from web servers to be stored in web browsers or devices. In essence, cookies are employed to aid site owners in enhancing the end-user experience. utilizes cookies to store data pertaining to a diverse range of settings and features. We also utilize cookies to gather anonymous data regarding the pages on the website that you visit, and to conduct an analysis of the traffic on the site.

We use the following cookies on

  • First party cookies (cookies set by the website you are visiting)
  • Permanent cookies are those that persist on your device until either they are deleted or they expire.
  • A session cookie is a temporary cookie that expires when you close the browser or device.
  • Third party cookies (cookies set by a third party website).

By approving cookies on, you are granting permission for the gathering of information to enhance your experience. We promise that we will never share these cookies with a third party, instead we will only use them to enhance your experience and analyze data.

Cookies are used on almost every single web page, but they are completely voluntary. If you do not wish us to store cookies on your device, you can change the setting in your web browser to block the use of cookies.

If you wish to refrain from consuming cookies, kindly visit the website at to opt out.

For further information about cookies, please read more here.


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